🤖Our $WOLF Hunt Bot: The Raid-to-Earn Mechanism

“This isn't just a feature; it's a game-changer. on Solana.”

$WOLF on Solana is creating a decentralized space where your passion for crypto and social media engagement combine to create something extraordinary. Imagine a platform where you can "shill" to gain crazy rewards. That's right!

Our Raid-to-Earn concept takes the vibrancy of our $WOLF community (or any other community we collaborate with) and turns it into an incentivized driving force for brand growth, awareness, and digital publicity on X (fka Twitter). At the heart of the $WOLF project is the $WOLF Hunt Bot, a solution designed to orchestrate Twitter/X raids. However, these raids are not merely social media interactions but organized campaigns aimed at boosting social media visibility and engagement.

Backed by our $WOLF Hunt Bot, $WOLF Store, and inevitable collaborations with existing projects, we are building more than a utility on Solana, we dare to redefine an experience because this is where engagement meets reward and translates into tangible benefits. In our $WOLF ecosystem, every comment, every like, and every retweet isn't just a show of support; it's a step towards earning $SOL, NFTs, more $WOLF tokens, etc, and being part of a revolutionary movement redefining the Solana DeFi space.

For any token project or community, we provide a solution that translates to a streamlined and impactful approach to digital marketing and community-building efforts on the blockchain.

HOW TO SET UP OUR BOT: (Get Access:)

  • Click /start command to start the bot.

  • Set your Twitter handle by typing and sending your "Twitter Username" in the text box. For example, @WolfonSolana

  • Then set your wallet by copying and pasting your $SOL wallet address in the text box. For example, 6w3fd7te...

  • You are all set up.

  • Now, all you have to do is join the "Hunt" and accumulate points by liking, retweeting, and commenting.

  • To check your accumulated points, go to "My Unit" and to check the leaderboards, go to "Alpha Wolfs."

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