🛣️Our Roadmap and Future Developments

$WOLF's journey is not just a path we're traversing; it's an adventure we're crafting with the pack each step. Our roadmap is a testament to our ambition, a blueprint for our future, and a commitment.

  • Presale and Token Launch: The genesis of our journey, where $WOLF made its grand debut in Solana Defi space.

  • Raid Bot Release: Unleashing the innovative Telegram bot that orchestrates our unique Raid-to-Earn strategy.

  • Marketing and Community Growth: A focused campaign to amplify $WOLF’s presence and expand the WolfPack.

  • Whitepaper and Roadmap Release: Providing a detailed guide and vision for our community and investors.

  • Full Store Release: Launching a dedicated store for $WOLF merchandise and NFTs, deepening our brand presence.

  • Enhanced Raid to Earn Bot: Upgrading our bot to include 'Engage to Earn' features, broadening the earning avenues for our community.

  • Expanding to Other Communities: Implementing our bot across various Telegram communities, fostering broader adoption.

  • Trending Channel and Ad Revenue: Creating a trending channel, coupled with strategic paid ads, to generate additional revenue streams.

  • Official DApp Release: Rolling out our decentralized application, a cornerstone in our ecosystem.

  • ***NFT Launch: Diversifying by venturing into the NFT space, adding a new dimension to the $WOLF experience. Our collection will have a limited total supply (TBA), with 10% of our NFT supply for the store, 30% to be minted with $WOLF tokens, and the rest of the supply to be minted with $SOL.

  • ***Revenue Sharing for NFT Holders: With our limited supply collection, we are introducing a utility model where NFT holders benefit through revenue sharing from Hunt Bot's generated income.

  • Incorporating Games in the Telegram Bot: Adding gaming elements (a Play to Earn) to make the community interaction more engaging and fun.

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